Meet Our Coaches


Let me introduce you to our amazing staff. We take pride in having the best staff in Toledo.

You won’t find a more motivated staff anywhere!

Mickey “Metcon” Porter          Jim Sutphin         Conner McCullen

Mickey “MetCon” Porter

CrossFit Coach

After years of lifting weights, marathon training, and other various fitness activities, Mickey discovered CrossFit in 2011. After a year in Denver and visiting dozens of different CrossFit boxes, Mickey returned to CrossFit Toledo, completed his CrossFit L1 training, and joined our coaching staff. As a graduate of the University of Michigan business school, Mickey works as a personal financial advisor when he is not at the gym. His passion for people lead him to becoming a coach for both physical and fiscal fitness.

Jim Sutphin

CrossFit Coach

I’m a beast. Not a day goes by that I don’t sacrifice sweat to the gods of swoll at the temple of iron. I didn’t move to meat street yesterday, I got a mortgage from swells fargo and I’ve been passing plate ever since. I call this one Papier and this on Mache because my body is shredded.

Tashina Lemons

CrossFit Coach

I have a very orderly method to growing my Pokedex, carefully guided to the best areas for Pokestops and rare Pokemons. I will plan a route to pass as many Pokestops as possible, even slowing my car down to get extra Pokeballs and potions as I cruise by. Once I’ve caught the Pokemon, I transfer them to Professor Willow as quickly as possible, in order to keep my Pokemon Storage clean. After all, you need room in order to snag ‘em all!

Conner McCullen

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
From: Bradenton, FL
Started Crossfit in 2017
My favorite thing about CrossFit is that everything is scalable and anyone can do it. Literally anyone!
Favorite Movement: Deadlift or Clean & Jerk
Favorite WOD: Murph